If you have been on my facebook page recently, you will have seen my announcement that I was launching a Patreon. For those not in the know a patreon is a modern way for people to be patrons of the arts (and other things.) This is a way for every day people to patron people who are making quality content of all sorts. These can include artists, musicians, writers and yes podcastors. I have often been asked about starting a podcast, over the last several years I have gone back and forth about using a patreon to help promote better ethics in dog training for outdoor adventures. This week I finally took the plunge and launched.

My goal is simple: provide good quality information and coaching for trail dogs, and dog behavior concerns to patrons. My podcast will be monthly (to start) and feature discussions on training for the trail, advice for outdoor dog adventures and even discussions on dog behavior as it relates to being in the wilderness. I will also be writing articles discussing various training things, and behavior things as well as reviewing places to take your dog both near to me, and wherever I end up traveling. I want to be able to reach people and help them enjoy the outdoors with their dogs from wherever I am, and wherever they are. My long term goals are to eventually reach a point where I can use the funding from the patreon to finally finish the design and build on the online Hikerhund school. To be able to produce online content that speaks to the outdoor adventuerer in all of us, and to the very heart of our dogs.

So why has it taken me so long? That’s a good question. The simple answer is that I battle constantly, like so many people, with imposter syndrome and my own poor self esteem. And both of these lead me to often stall on new projects in fear I will not be “good enough” at it. That because it will not be perfect, I will some how not be able to achieve what I want to achieve. And after a lot of shadow work and support from some amazing people. I decided the only remedy for that was to just do it.

So I set the launch.

What will I be producing?

Podcasts! That is the big component to this. I will be producing a monthly (to start: my goal is to be more frequent as needs must) episode that covers a topic relating to dog’s in the wilderness, dog training or dog behavior. Occasionally I hope to have guests on, as well as expand into discussing animal behavior in other areas as it might apply to working with dogs. But the primary focus will be on training and raising dogs for a life of outdoor adventures.

I will also be producing info-graphics, articles on training and behavior as well as on recommended gear etc. On top of that I will be doing monthly live sessions where I discuss training, and demonstrate certain skills as well as field live Q&A sessions for patrons. I am also offering merchandise for subscribers (as benefits of subscribing) as well as for sale in general. And certain levels of subscribers will have access to participation in live training sessions, as well as video submissions and feedback entries.

The goal is to be able to offer people a lot of information, from a reliable, reputable and experienced source. And if I am being totally honest, which I am sometimes to a fault, the hope is that it can eventually provide a reliable sense of financial stability. My long term goals have always been to be more mobile, and a patreon is a step towards that. Imagine being able to record a podcast from the side of a trail in a brand new location? Or film sessions in new states with new terrain and new distractions to demonstrate how universal certain training approaches can be, or how to trailer training to your environment. Imagine being able to catch a live q&a with trainers from all around, even internationally via zoom calls etc on a consistent basis that applies directly to our specific interests of getting dogs outside and down the trail? Imagine being able to watch a live session with other species as I explore the universality of training approaches using science with other species and dogs from varied backgrounds. To me these goals seem lofty and maybe not quite with in reach, but I will never know if I don’t just go for it.

So how can you support?

Simple! You can join the patreon! The base level tier which gives you access to listen, read and review all kinds of material is only $5 per month. And there are three other options from there! Each with it’s own benefits and rewards (beyond watching me take on dog training on the new frontier.) You can unsubscribe at any time, and you can always change your donation amount. First podcast will be available this weekend. All about why the trail is the best place to raise a dog.

Click above to join!

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