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BEHAVIOR CONSULTS Our dogs are wonderful, but sometimes their behavior can be unsettling. Dealing with fear, anxiety, stress and even…

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Modern Dog Training the Modern Way Benefits of Online Training: Opens client up for scheduling in tight timelines  ( a…


Product / Service #1 Whatever your company is most known for should go right here, whether that's bratwurst or baseball…

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Ask Pine! vol 1.1 Dog Parks & Over Arousal

 "Dear Pine, I have a new dog I adopted from the local shelter that I've had for about a week.…

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Why I No Longer Care About Having an Obedient Dog

So often I have people reach out to me for training and they are simply looking for “Basic obedience.” And…

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Ready! Set! Launch!

If you have been on my facebook page recently, you will have seen my announcement that I was launching a…

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What People Say

Client words…

  • “…we made a lot of improvement! Instructions were easy to follow and very encouraging!” – Maxwell B. – 5 Skills Graduate
  • “How to engage with Enzo when he gets distracted! So useful!” – Natalie C. – 5 Skills Graduate
  • “Pine is amazing and has really helped me understand the best ways to communicate with my dog. I highly recommend!” – Maria H. Private Sessions
  • “I have been struggling with my shepherd who doesn’t have much of an attention span. Working with Pine has helped me figure out how to work with him better and the two of us have a much better relationship because of it. I can trust him more than ever off leash or around other dogs. I can’t explain how amazing it feels to finally see him making good choices around new dogs and responding faster to me. I really owe it all to Pine.” – Colie Z. Private Sessions
  • “We’ve been having some behavioral issues with Max towards Jon recently. So we consulted with Pine Irwin about what to do. Jon has been wonderful at following training protocol. Tonight Max jumped on the bed between us & wanted attention from Jon. He nuzzled his snout in his arm for pets. They are working on rebuilding their bond. It was nice to talk with Pine because my thoughts about training were the same. I think it made Jon realize there is some validity to what I have self taught. So thank you! We’re on our way!” – Summer, Behavior Consultant for Dog to Husband Aggression. 
  • I adopted my pandemic dog, Emery, last September. I’d been a dog owner before, so I thought I knew what I was in for, but I was wrong. My last dog was a very mellow 4 year-old when she came into my life. My new dog, a 1-2 year-old stray who had been transported from Texas to Idaho, was a ball of nervous energy with poor manners. Emery had separation anxiety and would bark and howl any time I left the house without her. She was skittish on walks and found and ate poop whenever we were out. Within 24 hours of taking her home she ran off during a walk, scared by a dropped extendable lead. She liked to greet me with frenzied jumping and nipping, something that also made my 6 year-old son nervous, even though I kept the two of them separate. Emery knew to go potty outside, but she was starting to choose places in the house to pee as well. There were other things, too — she pulled wildly on her lead, and she seemed afraid to walk on trails that had a lot of other dog traffic. Living with Emery was intense, particularly those first few months, and after just a week with her I felt overwhelmed and pretty frequently near tears. Pine was a friend from the days when I used to take my old dog to hiking meetups. I contacted him for an initial training consult and eventually signed up for one-on-one Zoom training sessions. Pine helped me work on Emery’s issues as they emerged during those early adoption months, and he helped calm me down whenever I felt like life with my new dog was never going to improve. I don’t know if I would still have Emery today if it wasn’t for Pine – and I say this as somebody who comes from a family that would never return an adopted dog. 9 months after adopting Emery, she does well in her crate, is content when I leave her to go to work, walks better on a lead (we are still working on this in certain situations), and is more manageable in a dozen other small and large ways. Pine’s training sessions have helped us a lot, and I 100% recommend his services to any other struggling pet owner. I have had to go out of town a few times since adopting Emery as well, and she has been very happy boarding with Pine. I think a kennel would have brought back some of her anxiety issues, so this boarding situation was perfect for us.” – Wendy, Empower30 Sessions

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Episode 14: Dogs in the Great Outdoors


Offering comprehensive behavior consulting and training using progressive reinforcement and modern scientific training techniques.




Providing indepth understanding for basic and advanced obedience, used for at home and performance arenas. Emphasizing positive reinforcement, enthusiastic engagement and motivation.


Trail Dog

Sessions developed and designed specifically for the outdoor world to train dogs for the essential skills while adventuring along side their humans. Pine is an expert trail guide for both dogs and people.



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