What is the Empower30 Program?

Empower30 is a half hour training program that allows for dogs and owners to have a condensed, time sensitive training program. This is an ideal way to train online with dogs who might struggle to maintain their focus for an hour or more, or struggle to succeed with prolonged training sessions.

Who is it designed for?

Dogs with limited attention spans due to age, personality or lack of experience. Ideal for young puppies, or older dogs prone to being distracted by any falling leaf. These sessions are designed to keep training simple, straight forward and to the point to allow for maximum retention and benefit. In person sessions are a minimum of one hour to account for costs of travel time, but often times that can be a lot for a dog to take in terms of good learning (or as we call it in psychology the excitement burst.) That means sometimes training sessions can cross over from fun and productive to difficult and frustrating for both dogs and owners as we’ve exceeded the dog’ ability to focus on the task at hand. 30 minute sessions cut down on the need for “recess” and concentrate learning to get the most bang for your buck and time!

How does it help owners?

By keeping session short it opens up owners for more flexibility in their schedules. Instead of having to struggle to “find the time” they can simply login for a quick session of training with a certified trainer, that is guaranteed to drain the battery of that energetic dog in your living room. Because it is entirely available online this also means owners can reach the trainer at any time, or any location. While traveling, while visiting friends etc. All that is required is a means of connecting a smart phone or computer to the internet. This is the perfect way to get touch up sessions for your outdoor adventure dog!

How is it different from standard training packages?

Because the Empower30 sessions are more flexible in scheduling it means that problems with specific skills can be worked on individually, and with out over saturating a dog’s ability to retain information effectively. This also means if owners are struggling in one area sessions can be dedicated to those individual problems and tailored to better meet the dog’s and owner’s needs.

You’re already pretty flexible with scheduling, how can you get more?

These 30 minute sessions are a lot more condensed for me too! I do not have to schedule around travel time, or availability based on my location that day. This means you get to livestream me direct from where ever you are, and wherever I am. This means even while I am out of the area you can still work with me! My insight and expertise are still available to you at a time that’s convenient for YOU! In person sessions are only available certain times and hours of the day, to account for my travel time. Empower30 sessions have no such restrictions! We can login and get to work as early or as late as you need!

Okay, that sounds pretty cool… but how often are we meeting?

With Empower30 because there is no account for my travel we can work together as often or as spread out as you like. That means while sometimes in person session can only be scheduled once a week, Empower30 can be done multiple times a week, or even every other week if need be. These sessions are designed to concentrate the work and prime owners and dogs for a good solid foundation of life long learning. If you’re anything like me, having an appointment to prepare for means I’m better about doing my homework! But because training is not a one and done thing, like all learning, it is life long. Getting into the habit of practicing skills in small doses daily is a great way to set you and your dog up for ultimate success!

Alright. I am interested. What does it cost?

Empower30 is available in 6 session and 12 session packages. For 6 sessions the cost is $150, for 12 sessions it is $280

How do I sign up?

email pine at: pine@irwindogtraining.com

or message us through our

Facebook page: Irwin Dog Training