Online Workshops

October 16th is Launch!

Attend the online workshop to learn the secrets of the Irwin Dog Training method of teaching lose leash walking, lay the foundation for a reliable off leash heel and better walks with Fido! This will provide people a chance to understand how to teach the #1 most valuable skill for a dog: how to behave on a leash.

Dogs who walk nicely on leash have big worlds. This makes the skill of lose leash walking (LLW) paramount to a dog’s existence in a modern, on leash world. But it is one of the hardest things to teach a dog to do, and in doing so can often cause a lot of frustration and anxiety around taking our dogs for walks. Attending the online workshop will allow you a chance to explore a method for teaching these skills that even during training can assure your dog gets the exercise (both mental and physical) he needs to build a happy future together. It will also provide a shift in thinking, helping you to approach the training of LLW with a more open and patient mind.

Three sessions with attendance being on your time and availability will answer your questions and help set you up with the skills to teach LLW to your dog and broaden your dog’s world!

Sign up today! It is just $50 to participate with your dog(s) and $20 to audit. Payable through Venmo. Email Pine to RSVP . PINE@IRWINDOGTRAINING.COM