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Specializing in Aggression, Separation Anxiety, and High Drive Dogs

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"Positive training works, it's fun, and it does not have the potential to cause stress and physical injury to our dogs through the application of force pain and intimidation." -  Pat Miller


The Philosophy

Here at Irwin  Dog Training we emphasize the use of Positive Reinforcement (+R) training to emphasize teaching a dog how to behave like a civilized being with out the use of harsh or intimidating physical punishments. This philosophy is emphasized and backed by scientific research that indicates it is the best possible approach to minimize negative associations and create willing partners out of our dogs.

Why use +R? Our dogs are our friends, our companions, and we owe it to them to teach them how to exist in our world and not violate their complete trust in us. Modern scientific research has indicated over and over again that the use of +R as a training (or learning technique) increased the retention, compliance and growth of any subject (canine, feline, human etc.) We want the best for our dogs, and that means we must do the best we can by them.

I have a high drive/high energy/stubborn/dominant/etc dog... can +R work on even my dog? The simple answer is yes. Zoos across the country are using +R to teach Hyenas and Alligators to behave for zookeepers. They are using it to train Lions and Tigers how to be called off of an object for bystander safety, and for cleaning their enclosures. If even these apex predators can learn through +R, so can your dog. I promise.


Pine Irwin


Lake Lowell Animal Rescue

Head Trainer & Canine Adoption Coordinator

My name is Pine, like the tree. I am a dog trainer and behavior specialist who lives in Idaho. I train dogs as the way I make a living both locally and online to a variety of clients around the country. I am a certified trainer through the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers. I am also recognized by Fear Free, the Ian Dunbar Academy and the Association of Pet Dog Trainers. I am the head trainer for the Lake Lowell Animal Rescue, and their canine adoption coordinator. As a behavior specialist I have consulted on cases for HSUS, and internationally for behavior problems. I am the #1 recognized and recommended trainer for Modern Animal out of California. I also founded, and head an organization of 500+ people dedicated to recreating outdoors with dogs.  Along with this I am an experienced trail guide, and advocate for dogs on trails and on wilderness adventures with their people. I am in the process of founding a school that will be entirely dedicated to training people & dogs to be good trail buddies, along with a variety of other outdoor sports (including biking, kayaking and paddle boarding.)

I grew up with dogs and on a horse farm in Northern Idaho. My dog training journey really began as a kid when I found a book at the library about dog agility. I was about 10 years old and I read the entire book, and then went to the barn and pulled scrap wood, haybales, and a variety of objects to construct an agility course in the back yard for our family German shepherd. It’s all been leading me down that road every since. While most people spend their holiday weekends having fun, or figuring out how to have fun and see family during the pandemic, I spend my free time continuing my education. I take courses and attend seminars (or webinars currently) from some of the best minds in the business. I also pull academic journals on canine behavior and ethology to keep myself well versed on the most current, scientific discoveries about dogs.

I currently own 5 dogs (you can read a bit about each of them in my highlights on my instagram.) And 1 horse, a mustang who I train using the same force free, positive reinforcement principles I apply to dogs. And 3 cats, two of whom are clicker trained (1 pretends to be a cat, but I am pretty sure he is a flirkin…)










Fear Free Certified

  • Ian Dunbar Academy
  • Consultant for HSUS
  • Lemonade Conference (100+ hours Continued Education)
  • Seminars: Susan Clotheir, Michael Shishanko, Amy Cook Ph.D., Sarah Stremming, Hannah Brannigan, Helene Lawler, Bob Bailey and more)
  • Fenzi Dog Sport Academy Alumni
  • Trail Dog Expert and Experienced Guide
  • ClickerExpo Live (200+ hours continued education)
  • Ethology Institute
  • Completed Great Big Dog Aggression WorkShop 2020
  • Presenter at the Virtual Dog Conference 2021 UK






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