About the Philosophy & the Trainer


"Positive training works, it's fun, and it does not have the potential to cause stress and physical injury to our dogs through the application of force pain and intimidation." -  Pat Miller


The Philosophy

Here at Irwin  Dog Training we emphasize the use of Positive Reinforcement (+R) training to emphasize teaching a dog how to behave like a civilized being with out the use of harsh or intimidating physical punishments. This philosophy is emphasized and backed by scientific research that indicates it is the best possible approach to minimize negative associations and create willing partners out of our dogs.

Why use +R? Our dogs are our friends, our companions, and we owe it to them to teach them how to exist in our world and not violate their complete trust in us. Modern scientific research has indicated over and over again that the use of +R as a training (or learning technique) increased the retention, compliance and growth of any subject (canine, feline, human etc.) We want the best for our dogs, and that means we must do the best we can by them.

I have a high drive/high energy/stubborn/dominant/etc dog... can +R work on even my dog? The simple answer is yes. Zoos across the country are using +R to teach Hyenas and Alligators to behave for zookeepers. They are using it to train Lions and Tigers how to be called off of an object for bystander safety, and for cleaning their enclosures. If even these apex predators can learn through +R, so can your dog. I promise.


Meet the Trainer

Pine Irwin - CPDT-KA, ABKA L2, QTDE 

My name is JD Irwin, but people call me "Pine." I am a dog trainer based in Idaho. I specialize in dealing with behavioral issues, particularly those surrounding aggression and aggression related concerns.  I started training dogs 10 years ago, and started my journey in behavior three years later when I happened to find myself adopting a particularly aggressive dog. I became what is known as a "Cross over trainer" several years ago and haven't looked back since. The education +R training has brought has become focal point of my life both in and out of work.

I am the President of the local non-profit Boise  Hiking with Dogs, in which I take my passion for dogs and the outdoors and combine them. We participate in community service projects, as well as stressing the importance of a positive relationship between our members, their dogs and the wilderness.

I grew up on a farm, and spent my childhood on the back of a horse.  Horses helped me work my way through college, where I studied creative writing. A foray into psychology and criminal justice saw me studying psychology an sociology in depth; skills and education I now apply in my never-ending quest to better understand dogs.

My goal is to teach you to train your dog. While I can teach your dog to do anything that doesn't help You when I'm not around. I break training down into terms that both humans and dogs can understand, to help you better understand and communicate with your dog.

I have been certified by the Certification Council for Pet Dog Trainers, and the American Boarding Kennel Association. And the Hikerhund foundation for Trail Dogs.

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