Life 101 - Puppy Course

A 6 week course for puppies ages 8 weeks to 6 months; covering the basics of beginning obedience (Sit, stay, leave it, leash manners etc.) handling basics (brushing, nail trims etc.) and the importance of brain games, crate training and continued education. Discussions include topics like the principles of learning and canine cognitive development.

Cost: $120 for the entire course. (includes clicker treat bag, puppy socialization, and information packets.)

Life 201 - Basic Obedience

6 week course on basic obedience skills for dogs 10 months and older. Dogs with remedial or no skills should sign up for this course.


Cost: $120, includes clicker, treat bag and information packets in addition to class.

Obedience for Competition

Private sessions geared towards obedience skills specifically for competition. Obedience. Rally-O, and the BH.


Cost: $30 per session, or buy 10 get one free.

Private Sessions

Sessions lasting up to an hour in home, or a park, covering any range of subjects from obedience to behavior. Call, Text, or email for scheduling!

Cost: $30 per session. Program: buy 10, get one free.

Outdoor Doggie Manners

4 week course emphasizing trail etiquette skills. Covering off leash manners for recall, leave it and appropriate behavior with other trail users. Basic skills also include body awareness techniques, and basic canine safety.


Cost: $100

Trail Dog Certification

Available to graduates of the Outdoor Doggie Manners course. This is an additional 4 weeks of intensive skill building, culminating with an exam that demonstrates owner and dog competency on the trail. Ideal passport for dogs who hike and backpack with their owners!


Cost: $100

Additional Services...

Walk About - hour long walks (on or off leash) usually in the Foothills for mental and physical stimulation. $20 per walk, includes pick up and drop off. Available only Monday through Friday.


Boarding - in home boarding at my house, with seperations at night and during feeding times.  Freedom to roam and a large yard for play time (and chickens to stare at through the fence.) $20 per day, including the day of drop off. Twice a day feeds, and medication at no additional cost.



Call or Text for more information! 208-863-8708