Specializing in aggression and aggression presenting issues.


Our dogs are wonderful, but sometimes their behavior can be unsettling. Dealing with fear, anxiety, stress and even aggression can be overwhelming for owners, and are not things to tackle alone. Getting a behavior consult means you're getting qualified advice, from a certified expert with a decade of experience. Many owners just need a few sessions to get the proper guidance to help continue behavior change in their dog. Others find that signing up for additional behavior modification training is the way to go, either way the consult is the first step to the road to bettering your dog's behavior.

What can you change in an hour?

A lot. Behavior consults can provide multiple avenues of change for clients, and allow them to not only better understand their dog, but to also affect honest, reliable behavior change.

What Clients Say:

"We've been having some behavioral issues with Max towards Jon. So we consulted Pine Irwin about what to do. Jon has been wonderful at following training protocol. Tonight Max jumped on the bed between us & wanted attention from Jon. He nuzzled his snout in his arms for pets. They were working on rebulding their bond. It was nice to talk with Pine because my thoughts about training were the same. I think it made Jon realize there is some validity to what I have self taught. So thank you!" - Summer P.

"It's only been a few days and I've already seen progress! We haven't done the ladder yet though - that's a project for this weekend. But I just wanted to say thank you so so much!!!" - Amanda S.


World Wide

Consults are done via zoom, or facetime. They can even be scheduled through the phone. They are available world wide, 6 days a week. Allowing people all over the globe to access world class behavior help with their dogs.

Certified Expert

Pine is an experienced, certified trainer and behavior specialist. Offering help to a variety of people and organizations around the globe. Pine has consulted on cases for the Humane Society of the United States. As well as with clients in Germany, the Netherlands and even Japan.

Easy Scheduling

Because of the online nature of behavior consults, the scheduling is incredibly flexible. You can be anywhere in the world and still get help from an expert in the field of canine behavior. And the scheduling can be versatile to accommodate busy schedules and different time zones.


Signing up....

Costs: Initial Consults are $95 for virtual, and $100 in person. Behavior packages start at $500 for virtual options

Payment is done via paypal or venmo. 


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Email: pine@irwindogtraining.com