What is the Training Tracker?

The training trackers are designed to help people manage their dog training time. This helps keep people new to training dogs on task, and those who are more experienced helps understand areas where training is succeeding and where it is struggling. By quantify the elements of training it's easy to track progress and help guide sessions forward so that progress is always measurable.

Who Developed these?

The training trackers are all developed by Pine Irwin, certified trainer and behavior specialist. With over a decade of experience and education these work books and work sheets are the result of seeing a need for people to follow their dog's progress in a measurable way. And a deep ceded dislike for using boring old excel spreadsheets.

How do they work?

Each tracker is designed to make following progress as easy as possible, to save time and stress in making sure that training is going somewhere and that we aren't getting stuck in the same-old-same-old. They help develop a habit of training the dog in small sessions, and taking stock of what is working and what might need more adjustment. If you follow the prescribed training paradigm of working multiple times a day, multiple days a week , for several weeks you will see quantifiable results.

Why a training tracker? What would I use it for? I just write in a notebook etc...

Bob Bailey said "Dog training is a science." And that has haunted author Pine Irwin every since. If dog training is to be viewed and treated like the science that it is, it needs to have quantifiable data. That means beyond scribbled notes in a notebook, or typing into excel sheets. It needs to have a way for anyone, not just professionals, to SEE their work and see what is work and what is not. Since excel can be inflexible with out a lot of knowledge, and can make looking at and actually tallying up the information challenging Pine decided to design a workbook that would take the guess work out of what to track, and give people a simple to follow set of instructions. It allows dog professionals and dog enthusiasts to SEE their efforts, with reminders to take time to celebrate wins, and a way to always have a forward moving plan. You can use the specific trackers for specific skills (IPO, or for puppies etc.) or you can use the generic original 5 x 5 to track progress in almost any training plan.

Do you have one for ______?

If you don't see it listed, it's probably either in development or hasn't been realized yet. If you have a specific need REACH OUT! Chances are we can design a tracker for you! email: pine@irwindogtraining.com

Can you do custom pages/templates/books?

YES. Custom trackers can be done to match almost any need. From logos, to color schemes, to specific elements of training. Send an email to pine: pine@irwindogtraining.com

The Dog Training Trackers
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The (Original) 5 x 5 Training Workbook

This is the original workbook! Designed to be pleasing to the eye, simple to follow and generic enough to track almost any training program! It is set up with 5 session, 5 days a week for 5 weeks total (each day has it's own page!) Following each week a page is dedicated to reflections, planning ahead strategies and making notes of successes. This is a great resource for clients to use to help them develop the habit of training, and for trainers and dog enthusiasts to keep track of their progress!
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Puppy Training Workbook

The workbook remastered for puppies! Laid out to follow simple training plans, and to make notes of new stimuli plus scheduling time for enrichment activities and play time. This is a great way to set a dog up for a lifetime of success and create follow through on puppy plans!
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Behavior Modification Tracker

The Behavior Modification tracker has been specially designed to help clients and dog owners track Look At That style behavior modification in their dogs. This tracker was designed by a specialist in behavior and covers the major elements to behavior modification training. It has 70 pages of tracking and information including a glossary of common terms, and a means by which to understand thresholds, recovery and celebrate even the smallest victory.
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The 5 x 5 Two Dog Tracker

This is the original workbook, with the same structure and elements tracked designed to track two dogs at once. This workbook is for multidog households, allowing experimentation and simplicity of use for families with multiple dogs to keep on task and on track! Straight forward design with color coded sections to allow tracking of each dog side by side.
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The IPO Tracker

The first of it's kind! This workbook is designed for those perusing IPO titles, or other bite sports. Each day is divided into 3 pages tracking Obedience, Tracking and Protection. The obedience pages are broken down similar to the standard 5 x 5 workbooks, with each session allowing you to track tools used, areas of struggle and successes. The protection pages are broken down by decoy, skills, and equipment for both the decoy and the dog. The tracking pages feature an area for mapping your track, options to note the weather conditions, age of the track and speed of completion as well as the number and type of articles for indication. This 70+ page workbook breaks it all down for you to make tracking progress and planning to eliminate areas of struggle as straight forward as possible.
The Service Dog Tracker A training tracker specific for service dog handlers to help keep on track for training their service dogs. It covers 4 weeks, 5 days a week of active training plans, focusing on Obedience skills, Task training and twice a week pages for Public Access training plans and executions.

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