Online Consultation

A 60 minute session focusing on behavior issues, providing resources and information on changing behavior problems like inter household aggression, reactivity and resource guarding. $75/session Or a package deal for 2 sessions, behavior training workbook and 1 month unlimited email/text support for $297 (A $380 value.)

1 Hour Training Session

Online training session using Skype. Allows clients to train their dog through the digital age. Get in person one-on-one help from a master dog trainer in the comfort of your living room. $75 per session. Bulk session discount.

Mini Session Tune Up

A half an hour to a better dog. Use these sessions to get quick help with issues like house breaking, or tips for teething puppies. This is designed as a tune up for a dog who has already done some training, or help with common issues (such as jumping up, or destructive habits.) Find an hour out of your day might be tough, but a 30 minute call will make a world of difference! $25 per 30 minute session.


Benefits of Going Digital

  • What benefits can be gained going digital with your dog training vs a more traditional in person visit?
  • Opens client up for scheduling in tight timelines¬† ( a quick 30 minute tune up is perfect for busy professionals!)
  • Allows client to train in home with out distractions.
  • Gives client more options to train during the day, and with out having to leave home during poor weather. Or when not feeling well.
  • Provides a one-on-one dog training experience for people who are not capable of leaving home.
  • Allows clients to maintain training schedules while on the road, traveling or dealing with a busy life.
  • Can be purchased as a gift for someone else to benefit from Pine's expertise while not being in Idaho.
  • Excellent for military or people living oversees!

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